Video lesson: In pink: summer 2015 make up trend

In this video and the post I will tell you about another trend of this spring/summer2015 – makeup in Purple Eyes style.

Video and photos by Igor Fain

This colour was showcased during catwalks of several designers, in wide assortment of colours, starting from a delicate shade of lavender, ending with a rich dark-purple.

Vera Wang

Especially for this make up I tested a new Urban Decay Electric Pigment Palette.

To buy the palette: www.urbandecay.com/electric-pressed-pigment-palette-urban-decay/421.html


  1. Let’s start from applying shade Savage on the movable eyelid, starting at the inner corner of the eye. Blend the eye shadows upwards. I used a brush which came with the palette.
  2. On the outer corner of the eye, with tapping movements, I applied a darker shade Urban. Blending towards the centre of the eye, overlaying the rose foundation and creating a smooth transition from one colour to another.
  3. Underneath the eyebrows, on the upper part of the cheekbone and the inner corner of the eye I applied light eyeshadows with the shimmer S4 from Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.

urban_decay_pigment_palette smashbox_full_exposure


On the inner eyelid I used a white pencil Kiko Kayal 101.


TIP: when performing this makeup I suggest you don’t use any eyeliners, no black neither brown, since it is a summer look, and you should use only clean bright colours.



For eyelashes I used Clinique High Impact Mascara.



I used Dusty Pink from a Beauty Bay palette and blended it towards the eyebrow. Lightly touched up the entire contour of the face with blushes, refreshing it.



Apply Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss, colour Hot Pink 16. When putting it on, slightly going over the natural contour of the lips. The colour is very transparent but dense, and it acts as a skincare product.

bobbi_brown_lip_gloss summer-makeup-purple-eyes3


Our summer purple look is ready. Don’t let its brightness and lightheartedness scare you, because in the summer you really want to see life through rose-tinted glasses.




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