My “Styling Rules” for Rutage Magazine

Rutage Magazine: www.rutage.com
Style and makeup: Olga Stepanenko
Editing: Olga Timofejeva
Photography: Gabor Szantai
Model: Olga Akhunova
Video: Igor Fain

For Rutage Magazine April Issue 2015, London

Olga Stepanenko everyday beauty tips:

  1. Moisturizing, moisturizing, and more moisturizing! Choose a product, which is compatible with your skin, and use it every day prior to applying a makeup.
  2. Take your time looking after your eyebrows! One minute every morning is enough to maintain the shape created by a professional. And remember, wrongly shaped eyebrows can spoil even the most beautiful face!
  3. Carefully chosen foundation can replace several products at once – cream, concealer and powder. Find a suitable product and you won’t have to worry about a beautiful skin tone ever again.
  4. Blushes can do wonders! Spend a few seconds in the morning, giving your face the freshness it deserves. Just smile to your own reflection and add some on the cheeks, blending it towards the temples.
  5. At times I don’t even carry any makeup products with me, but always have Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant by Elizabeth Arden. After swimming pool or gym, I apply it on the eyebrows, eyelashes tips and lips using the tips of my fingers. Now my face looks like it is taken care of.

How to quickly sort yourself out after a long day at work, using the products you have got in your bag.


First look – “Shades of Red”



  1. If your skin is oily, then pat it with a napkin, to remove the excess oil. If it is dry, then apply some moisturizing cream.
  2. To remove the signs of fatigue, apply Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer Anti-Cernes Estompe Ride under the eyes (on a model we used the shade 02 Light).
  3. Freshen the face using a compact pen-blusher Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Moon Beach.
  4. To refresh the eyes, add some Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara on the eyelashes.
  5. Even out the skintone using Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder (shade 02 Medium).
  6. The star of our evening look is bright lipstick. Using a Sephora Real Red pencil, we contour the lips, and apply MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. We are using a brush from Kevyn Aucoin, draw the corners of the lips properly, and contour them well.



For this look we didn’t change the styling. In our case, the model is wearing a low neat bun with a side parting. If you don’t have any hair care products handy, then take some regular cream, and apply it on the bun or ponytail. This will stop it being all fizzy.

A few tips on hair care:

If you have long hair, coloured or dry, always apply some hair butter on the tips after washing. It will give the hair a glow and help to brush it later, without inflicting any damage.

Don’t be lazy, and do a mask once a week, suitable for your hair type. Healthy, glowing hair is already a haircut!



Accessories play a vital role in swapping a business/day look to an evening/glamorous. When going to work in the morning, take everything you might need in the evening. In our case it is a pair of Christian Dior earrings and a bracelet from Gucci, as well as a bright-red classic Dolce&Gabbana bag, and elegant black sandals with thin straps from Ballin.


Second look – “Bronze chic”


Day makeup:

The day makeup on the model was made using a Lancome Miracle Air De Tent foundation. For the eyebrows, we used Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, shade Caramel. The eye makeup was made using Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hours, shade 35-on and on Bronze. On the eyelashes – Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara, and on the lips – a transparent moisturizing balm.


Evening makeup:

  1. To freshen up our day makeup and make it look more impressive for the coming evening, we even out the skin tone using the amazing Lancome Miracle Air De Tent foundation. Apply it with a brush from Real Technique.
  2. Give the face an elegant look with the help of a bronzer and highlighter from Charlote Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Work the cheekbones with a bronzer of a darker shade, apply some on the forehead and along the hairline. To give the face a glow, apply highlighter on the protruding parts of the cheekbones, underneath the eyebrows, a little bit on the chin, on the back of the nose and above the upper lip.
  3. Use an eyeliner inside the eye and alongside the hairline of the lower and upper eyelashes using a Velluto Eye Pencil and Shadow from Lord & Berry, shade 1804. On the top, near the outer corners of the eyes, lift the contour line towards the temples and make it thinner. Blend the contour with the applicator, creating a smokey eyes effect. Make the outer corner more intensive. If necessary, apply the contour once again, and blend it again.
  4. Refresh the eyelashes with a new layer of Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara. Carefully work the eyelashes near the outer corner of the eyes, making the look more expressive.
  5. Finally, apply a bronze lip gloss KIKO Super Gloss, shade 114 – “gold chocolate”. We don’t need contouring this time.



Brush the hair to one side, and apply some gel along the full length, to make them look neat and tidy. Now split the hair into two strands, and twist them together, twisting each of the strands. You will make a plait, which we fix with a rubber band. You can make it on hair of any length, and it always looks very impressive in the evening.



For this look we swapped black shoes to a pair of golden Gianvito Rossi and added a fashionably clutch Charlotte Olympia. From jewelry – a brooch with a ribbon and a Gucci bracelet. As an alternative, you can go without a brooch, but unbutton the blouse seductively, and wear long earrings.



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