50 shades of chocolate: Browny Eyes makeup

This season brown makeup could be seen at such designer catwalks as those by Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karan, Givenchy and many others.


Donna Karan, Roberto Cavalli




Roberto Cavalli

I will show you how to create makeup in Browny Eyes style, using different shades of brown.

Video and photos by Igor Fain

Also I will introduce you to the new eyeshadows from Melt. They are unusual for their magic magnetic package, which allows to attach several eyeshadows to each other and carry them in the same palette. Very handy!

w: www.meltcosmetics.com

I want to note, that the model had already had her skin corrected and smoothened prior to applying this makeup. I will show you how to properly perform face correction in one of my future videos. Stay updated!



Melt offer quite a rich choice of tones and shades. I used colour, which is called Blurr. I put it on the moveable upper eyelid as a foundation, starting at the inner corner. The eyeshadows are matte, with high levels of pigment, they lay on perfectly and cover well. The shade is natural, so you can apply it all the way up to the eyebrows. To apply it I used brushes from Real Technique, they are perfect for the job.melt_eyeshadows_blurr

I used a smaller brush to apply shade Unseen shadows. Make sure you shake a bit on the hand, to avoid leaving a dark spot on the eyelid. The less eyeshadows are on the brush the better. You can always add more colour, but it is difficult to remove it! I put eyeshadows on the upper eyelid crease, creating a natural looking shadow. It will add the gaze a mysterious depth, and make the eyes visually more voluminous. Also applied it alongside the eyelashes hairline. In our case the shade Unseen really suits the model, emphasizing her tanned skin. Work the outer corner with shadows, stretching it further beyond the eyelashes hairline towards the eyebrow. I also put some alongside the lower eyelashes hairline, until the middle of the eye.

Matte texture
This time I created a more natural, toned down look. so I used matte textures. Still, it is ok to put some pearlescent shadows on the middle of the movable eyelid. I used Smashbox Full Exposure Palette with shimmers (S) and matte shadows (M). A bit of light shimmer S3 in the middle of the upper eyelid. This will add the gaze a bit of radiance. Also, a drop of shimmer underneath the eyebrow will create a beautiful highlight. This trick opens up the gaze and makes it glow.


Eye pensil

Let’s put some S4 shimmer on the inner corner of the eye. On the inner eyelid I used a Kiko Kayal White 101 pencil. If you want, for the inner eyelining you can use a Kayal of any other colour. It can be beige, green, pale blue. If you have blue or green eyes, then highlighting them with a relevant colour makes them brighter. I used a classic white, as it matches perfectly with green.


Take matte eyeshadows M1 and slightly touch alongside the eyelashes with a brush. Create a thin soft line and blend it a bit. This will add the eyelashes more density.


To add the eyelashes more volume we are applying Clinique High Impact Mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes. When applying, twist the brush and properly work the eyelashes at the outer corners of the eyes. If necessary, you can brush the eyelashes after the application, to make them look natural and fluffy.


In this makeup I used light natural tones, and lip makeup is not an exception. I gave my preference to Kevyn Aucoin pencil, colour Medium. This is a very soft, nice pencil which suits almost everyone. Contour the lips, going beyond the natural line a bit, making the lips more seductive. I used a creamy lipstick, to make sure it didn’t melt, drew the lips with a pencil, creating a foundation.



For lip makeup I chose colour Sand Storm from Louise Young Trio Free Bird Palette. This lipstick moisturizes well and has a natural gloss without pearls. Lips look fresh and taken care of.


Finishing the look. Blush

On the cheek apples I applied Ben Nye Blush, shade Vintage Rose


The makeup is ready! Now you look like a beautiful vintage rose!





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