Damiani Jewelry Collection pre-launch at Vogue House

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In March I had the opportunity to be the first to see the new collection from a jewelry brand Damiani, who held an invitation-only pre-launch at Vogue House – a branch of Conde Nast publishers at Hanover Square. In the evening Tatler’s fashion and retail editor Mariella Tandy told us about the most current jewelry trends, the guests were treated to champagne and strawberries in chocolate, and the cherry on the cake was a gift from Credit Suisse – an annual subscription for Tatler for every guest at the event.


The official presentation, where the world will finally see the jewelry handcrafted by the best italian masters, will be held soon in Hong Kong. Jewelry experts are waiting for the premier rather impatiently as the Italian House of Damiani is an established leader in the world of haute joaillerie, whose luxurious and elegant collection dazzle imagination every year. Since its inception the brand has received numerous awards, including the 18 Diamonds International Award – an equivalent of Oscar in the world of jewelry.


Damiani is a family brand, and its philosophy has the following cornerstones: passing the skill from generation to generation, dedication to the cause and adherence to the best tradition of the jewelry designing. Even today, every piece of jewelry from Damiani is created only by hand.

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