What we do

ACL is an investment firm with expertise in Asset Management, Institutional Brokerage and Private Equity. ACL’s edge and focus is Iran.

ACL Asset Management (sub-advisor Bourse Iran – subsidiary of Iran Investments Industries Company – IIIC) will launch a family of funds and managed accounts focused on the TSE. ACL’s domestic team manages the best performing and largest mutual fund in Iran with a 6 year proven track record of out-performing peers and the benchmark index. Our track record is a compounded annual return of 53.9% (RLS) and 37.0% (EUR) with Sharpe ratios of 4.0 (RLS) and 2.6 (EUR) respectively.

ACL Brokerage with its domestic team Bourse Iran, oversee a dedicted team of international and domestic traders, sales traders, sales and research analysts. Our institutional brokerage service will enable foreigners to invest in Iran’s Stock Market . This will include agency execution, liquidity provision and facilitation of block trades on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). Additionally,  international investors will benefit from our unrivaled corporate and regulatory access as well as a uniquely reliable and independent database for analysis – 20 years in process.

Our Team

Our team offers a unique combination of experience:

Extensive expertise in large scale international and domestic capital market transactions.

Allocating, managing and facilitating large flows of international capital (at top-tier global investment banks) into emerging markets around the globe – China, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE, Egypt, Qatar and Kazakhstan.

The management of the largest and best performing Mutual Fund in Iran.

The management of the leading private and independent  institutional brokerage in Iran.

Extensive track record of  seeding and ongoing business success across a diverse range of sectors (banking, consumer retail, food and transport) in Iran.